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Lovely write up on Babyccino Kids

Babyccino logo

Read our lovely write up on Babyccino Kids, a unique inspiring shopping portal for all things child like!

‘We love the beautiful blazers – so smart and chic, yet still playful with their charming prints and details. And the drawstring rucksacks are so perfect for everyday adventures!’

East London Design Show

East London Design Show

We will be at The East London Design Show today with our Winter collection!

Here is an interview we did with the organisers…

Tell us a secret.

Every Christmas I have a competition with my Auntie to see who can fit the most brussel sprouts in their mouth, I hate to say it but she is the reigning champion at the moment…

Best hidden gem in London/ your area shop or restaurant curio what?

It’s not exactly hidden but it is a gem, the kidswear department in Liberty.

Favourite film so far this year

Moonrise Kingdom it may have been last year but nothing has beaten it yet…!)

If I see another (fill in blank) I’ll scream

Junk email.

Your final meal -, starter and dessert , what harm can it do?

King prawns to start, a family roast & huge bowl danish koldskål for pud.

I know I shouldn’t but I really like……

Eating cheese.

What could you not live without

The Sea.

What do you want to find under the tree this year?

A little piglet.

Best website

Build a monster.

Make a tune